Online Teaching and Learning Professional Development Matrix

On 5/4/17 Faculty Senate NMSU adopted Policy 6.55 Academic Rules for Distance Education which states the requirement that all NMSU online courses must meet a quality metric before being offered and outlines the expectations for professional development for faculty who teach online.  Please visit the NMSU Policy Manual to read the detailed policy.  IIQ has developed an Online Teaching and Learning Professional Development Matrix to help support faculty at all levels of online teaching experience.

Download Online Teaching and Learning Professional Development Matrix

Academic Technology Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP)
Canvas Online Course Development Quality Matters (QM) Online Teaching
Getting Started Attend Workshop

  • Introduction to Canvas (Prerequisite for Canvas workshops)
Attend Workshop

  • Course Mapping/Learning Objectives
Attend Workshop

  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric
Attend Workshop

  • Online Syllabus Tool
Foundation Attend Workshops

  • Modules in Canvas
  • Quizzes in Canvas
  • Home Pages/Pages
  • Assignments & Rubrics
  • Grade Book
  • Intro to Adobe Connect
Attend Workshops

  • Designing Your Home Page
  • Getting Started Module

  • QM Self-Review
Attend Workshops

  • Let’s Talk Online Teaching
  • OCIP webinars


Intermediate Attend Workshops

  • Facilitating Learning in Canvas
  • Audio/Video
  • Student Groups
  • Video Captions in Canvas
  • Intermediate Adobe Connect
Complete Professional Development Programs

  • Course Development Institute (CDI)
  • Summer CDI

Attend Special Topics OCIP workshop­s and webinars

Course meets

  • QM Internal Review
NMSU-LC Quality Metric
Policy: 4.69 Academic Rules for Distance Education
Take Online Course

  • Strategies for Teaching Online
Advanced Attend Workshops

  • Mastery Pathways
  • Communicating in Canvas
Share with NMSU community

  • Present OCIP workshop
Course meets

  • QM Formal Review

Become a QM Reviewer

  • Peer Reviewer Certification
  • Master Reviewer Certification
Share with NMSU community

  • Mentor faculty to teach online
  • Present Let’s Talk Online Teaching
Resources Online Video Tutorials

Online Canvas Guides

Online Course Developer’s Handbook

OCIP Online Resources

QM Website

OCIP Online Resources

OCIP Webinar Library