IIQ 3rd Annual Awards and Recognition Celebration


Instructional Innovation and Quality (IIQ) honored faculty and staff for improving the quality of their online courses during the Recognition and Award celebration on October 20, 2016.

Leading the Way Award

The Leading the Way award recognizes a NMSU main campus faculty, staff, or administrator who “walks the talk” in terms of professional growth, quality focus, mentorship, and leadership.

Betsy Stringam, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environment Science received IIQ’s “Leading the Way Award” as recognition for her advocacy, collaboration, and online service.

Leading the Way Recipient

Leading the Way recipient Betsy Stringam and Dr. Greg Fant

Award Certificates

NMSU Peer Reviewers

Name Department
Vicki Nisbett Communication Studies
Kim O’Connell-Brock Kinesiology and Dance
Tanya Watson Education
Christina Schaub Industrial Engineering

Christina Schaub and Dr. Greg Fant

Quality Matters Nationally Recognized Courses

Name Course
Erin Blaugrund MKTG 503
Ivan de la Rosa MSW 509
Comfort Ricketts BA 500
Christina Schaub ENGL 218
Betsy Stringam HRTM 432 and HRTM 331
Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome MSW 520
Susan Wilson MPH 547

Erin Blaugrund and Dr. Greg Fant

Professional Development Programs

1 Year + Fellowship

Name Department
Nancy Chanover Astronomy
Vincent Choo Mechanical Engineering
Barbara Gamillo Engineering Technology
Koomi Kim Education
Jiaqi Liang Government
David Melendez Student Success Center
Naomi Schmidt Economics and International Business
Laura Thompson Psychology
Lucy Zollner Languages and Linguistics

New2Online Program

Name Department
Stephanie Arnett Sociology
Carol Campbell Geography
Ryan Goss Plant and Environmental Sciences
David Mitchell Klipsch School of Electrical Computer Engineering
Michelle Nishiguchi Biology
Karen Trujillo English

Summer Institute

Name Department
Greg Armfield Communication Studies
Erin Blaugrund Marketing
Olga Cabada Social Work
Ivan de la Rosa Social Work
Rene Guilaume Educational Leadership and Admin.
Juan Holguin Marketing
Winston Jackson Public Health
Minjoon Jun Management
Ko Eun Kim Curriculum and Instruction
Eduardo Macias Curriculum and Instruction
Yvonne Moreno Special Ed. and Communication Disorders
Fran Nedjat-Haiem Social Work
Jennifer Noonan Philosophy
Carlos Posadas Criminal Justice
Jane Smith Nursing
Theresa Westbrock Library Reference and Research Services
Eva Michelle Wheeler Languages and Linguistics

Master of Social Work

Name Department
Robert Blair Social Work
Susan Burns Social Work
Ivan de la Rosa Social Work
Erika Gergerich Social Work
Maria Gurrolo Social Work
Frances Nedjat-Haiem Social Work
Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome Social Work

Master Reviewers

Name Department
Stephen Anderson Social Work
Kefaya Diab Accreditation, Outcomes and Academic Planning
Tami Ford Public Health
Kerry Forsythe Instructional Innovation and Quality
Miley Grandjean Instructional Innovation and Quality
Sandra Johnson Instructional Innovation and Quality
Betsy Stringam Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
Kourtney Vaillancourt Family and Consumer Sciences