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Instructional Innovation and Quality (IIQ) focuses on administration of and support for delivering education via the non-traditional formats of ITV, blended, and online. It encompasses Academic Technology, Distance Education, Instructional Media Services, and the Online Course Improvement Program. IIQ is under the Associate Vice President and Deputy Provost, Greg Fant, Ph.D.  IIQ supports NMSU’s Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan, specifically, Goal 1B which is to promote, realize, and commend innovative and stellar teaching, learning, and leadership.

IIQ goals are to:

  • support the effective use of learning and emerging technologies;
  • provide faculty and staff professional development for non-traditional delivery formats;
  • ensure quality in blended and online course design;
  • provide services for Distance Education (DE) students, departments and colleges offering DE degree programs;
  • provide a variety of communication services for course delivery, meetings, and events.

Download the IIIQ Year End Report 2019 without Appendices to learn more.
Download the full IIQ Year End Report 2019 with Appendices to learn more.
Download the IIQ FY18 Year End Report to learn more.
Download the full IIQ FY18 Year End Report (with appendices) to learn more.
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Academic Technology (AT)

Academic Technology (AT) administers a variety of  learning technologies, and provides workshops and consulting for NMSU educators and staff. AT areas of expertise include the learning management system (Canvas), assessment and evaluation tools, Adobe Connect, and emerging educational technologies. AT also consults and supports the Faculty Advisory Committee on Technology.

Distance Education (DE)

Distance Education (DE) is a central service provider for departments, faculty, and students.  The DE website provides a one-stop directory of DE degree programs and information for current and prospective students. The Office of Distance Education administers exam proctoring services for students and faculty.

Instructional Media Services (IMS)

Instructional Media Services (IMS) provides NMSU faculty, administrators, staff, and students a wide variety of communication options such as worldwide, two-way video conferencing, on-site ITV classrooms. training sessions for teaching at a distance using two-way video, and Panopto recordings.

Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP)

The Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) provides professional development services for improving the quality of the design and delivery of hybrid and online courses and degree programs. OCIP services include workshops, in-depth professional development programs, an online resource center, course consultations, and more. OCIP includes the NMSU statewide Quality Matters (QM) subscription and services such as QM Peer Reviews.